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Adult adoptees, adoptive and biological family members are all welcome to join Cal Open in support of one another through our post-adoption journey, search and reunion.

This is a free online service specific to California births, relinquishments, and adoptions. Resources are available to help in: searching; requesting non-id from the state and from private licensed adoption agencies; submitting state registry forms; petitioning the court; face-to-face and online support groups; and adoptee rights empowerment to reform adoption law.

Cal Open Search and Support's mission is to foster understanding of adoption as a lifelong process and intergenerational journey, and to serve members of the adoption triad (adoptees, adoptive parents, birth parents). Cal Open provides comprehensive information, support, public education and advocacy for positive change in adoption policy and practice.

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Don't Forget to Register with ISRR!

The International Soundex Reunion Registry is the world's largest and most successful mutual consent reunion registry and is a free service. Get your free registration form online by visiting the ISRR website, or by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

P.O. Box 371179
Las Vegas, NV 89137

You can reach them by phone at (888) 886-ISRR

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